Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Riverland weekend

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to join some folks from the Adelaide Camera Club on a weekend at Blanchtown on the banks of the Murray River.  Despite the weather not being too cooperative we had a great time.  Dan, the president and keen chef fed us soooo well. The menu included bacon, egg and pancakes, chicken pasta, steak, fruit salad and cream and the best asparagus soup I've ever tasted (I tried his recipe and it wasn't as good so I think he has kept some secret ingredient to himself).  In between eating we did some photography!

Here's a few photos to show some of the fun we had.

We were up at 6am each morning, grabbed a quick coffee and headed off in the 4wds to catch the sunrise. There is no truth in the rumour that Barb, Meg and I made too much noise getting ready - well the others should have been up by then anyway!

Click on the photos to see them large.

Saturday morning was total grey cloud but back we went Sunday and were rewarded with this lovely pink sky.

Suddenly someone spotted a hot air balloon so we jumped back into the 4wds and headed off in search of it and managed to catch up with it just before it landed.

Then it was back to camp for breakfast.

Dan, whipping up the pancakes - wish I'd got a pic of him in his chef's hat and pink stripy apron! Next time.

We stayed at the Roonka Scout camp - a water activity centre -  which is just north of Blanchtown right on the river. The scouts made good use of the river and despite being offered a possible chance of going kayaking I declined. The thought of myself or the camera going in the cold water was too much for me.

The younger scouts practicing on the lagoon.

The leaders ventured out onto the river.

After so many years of drought the river had a very healthy amount of water in it - a bit too healthy in some areas.

Saturday night the scouts had a bonfire and Barb and I decided to go down and photograph it. The kids were all running around with torches so we decided to have a bit of fun with light painting.

The kids were very enthusiastic and one of the boys asked how much he'd have to save to buy one of those cameras. He was a little disappointed with the answer.

Some of the other people on the weekend.

Meg - she wasn't really taking a pic of the rubbish bin, it just looks like that!

Barb - catching one of her great bird photos.

Julie and hubby Jim in the background.

Dan - he was allowed out of the kitchen occassionally.

Steve - contemplating his next pic.

and John looking like he's had enough.

Saturday afternoon I went up to the lookout over Blanchtown for sunset.

Note the Murray River on the left and flooded lagoons to the right.

Twilight over Blanchtown.

Finally we headed home Sunday afternoon and went via Swanreach. Just after we crossed on the ferry the paddle steamer the OscarW - built in 1908 - came passed.

Thanks everyone for a very enjoyable weekend!

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  1. Got some good pics there Kathy. Looks like a great weekend. LUVMUM